Your cloud strategy’s Achilles heel

As cyberattacks continue to grow in both volume and complexity, cybersecurity (opens in new tab) must be front of mind for all organizations. But even as this threat looms large, many CIOs are too focused on short term security (opens in new tab) solutions, relying on cloud (opens in new tab) as a safety net and overlooking their longer-term cyber resilience strategy. So, why isn’t a hybrid cloud strategy enough to ensure cyber resilience, and what can organizations do to bake in resilience by design?

About the author

Flick March specializes in reliability, security and resilience in technology at Kyndryl (opens in new tab).

CIOs spend a huge amount of time, money, and resources on cloud strategies, and their decisions can have significant repercussions across the entire business, for staff and customers (opens in new tab) likewise. However, the way departments often purchase and utilize cloud resources can significantly undermine a business’s overall level of resilience. Regardless of how technologically advanced and secure cloud environments are, having system architecture, ownership, and accountability rife with walls and manual handovers means that resilience is nearly impossible to bake in by design.

What do we mean by resilience?

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