WoW Dragonflight’s profession system changes might result in a deeper grind

World of Warcraft Dragonflight’s reveal yesterday gave us a deeper look at the future of Warcraft. And a majority of what was shown made me giddy. Whether it be the revival of talent points, a cinematic trailer full of good vibes, or an absolutely adorable new dragon race, Dragonflight has been channeling elements of the golden age of WoW. Especially after Shadowlands raised the bar for ridiculousness in this series, it’s really exciting to come back to high fantasy.

But not everything shown yesterday elicited a similar level of optimism. In particular, Blizzard Entertainment is finding whole new ways to tackle and modernize the profession system. It’s shaping up to be the biggest change we’ve ever seen to professions, and although I like the ideas conceptually, players should be a bit more pessimistic about what it could mean for WoW.

Deeper professions could mean a deeper grind

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