Wordle 298 answer for April 13: Don’t let your streak die an untimely death; Check Wordle hints, clues, solution

Wordle 298 answer for April 13: Don’t let your friends bag all the bragging rights regarding their Wordle score. Create your own high score using these Wordle hints and clues.

Wordle 298 answer for April 13: For those who enjoy a healthy dose of strategy, Wordle has a new tool. This tool is called Wordlebot and it offers a greater insight into players’ guesses and playstyle. The Wordlebot breaks your attempts into two categories of skill and luck and analyzes your performance. So now, you have one more reason to perform well in Wordle. Besides impressing friends and followers, you now do not want to disappoint Wordle itself as it analyzes how you fared. But don’t worry. Your streak matters to us too. And that is why we have prepared 5 Wordle hints and clues that will help you get to today’s Wordle solution quickly.

But just like always, we need to go over the rules of the game before we proceed to the Wordle hints and clues. The game has an incredibly simple interface and gameplay. You need to guess a 5-letter word within six attempts. And the game gives out clues in the form of highlighted colors. There are three colors where gray means the letter is not in the word at all; yellow denotes that the letter is in the word but not in the correct place; green highlights that the letter is both in the word and in the correct position. The game ends when you get all five letters in green highlight.

Wordle 298 hints for April 12

Wordle has picked a common English word today. The word of the day is a noun, however it can also be used as a verb. Unlike the other words we have seen this month, today’s word originated from English itself, coming into existence during the middle ages. Let’s check the Wordle clues now.

Wordle 298 clues for April 12

Today’s word has only one vowel in it.

The word starts with C.

The word ends with K.

The vowel is U.

Biggest hint: The word is used to describe a large piece of something.

If you carefully think about these clues, you will easily get the answer. So go on and give the game your best effort. But if for some reason, you failed to find the right answer, check the Wordle 298 solution below.

Wordle 298 answer for April 12

SPOILER ALERT! Do not read any further if you are not looking for the Wordle 298 answer. However, if you are ready to check it out, then sneak a peek below.

Final warning. The answer to Wordle 298 is right after this line.

The word of the day is CHUNK. It means “a thick, solid piece of something”. Tough luck today, but we wish you best of luck for tomorrow’s Wordle.


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