Why Zero Trust cybersecurity relies on people as much as technology

As IT environments continue to become more complex, it is increasingly clear that the trust model of cybersecurity (opens in new tab) is no longer fit for purpose.

About the author

David Gochenaur is a Senior Director of Cyber ​​Security at end-to-end managed services firm Ensono (opens in new tab).

The trust model only works when it is used by a specific small group of employees accessing an IT environment that is only on-premise. However, as the hybrid way of working becomes the norm, it is increasingly risky to trust the variety of end points (opens in new tab) to manually adhere to all authentication measures and preventive procedures. IBM estimated that over the past year, businesses that were affected by data breaches lost an average of $4.24 million. Without the correct procedures in place, a critical data breach is just one click away.

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