Why Chatroulette Founder Andrey Ternovskiy Fell in Love With Crypto

While researching for The CryptopiansI discovered that Andrey Ternovskiy, the founder of internet sensation Chatroulette, was heavily involved in The DAO back in 2016. In this episode, we skirt around revealing major spoilers from The Cryptopians and discuss Andrey’s experience founding Chatroulette, how he fell down the crypto rabbit hole, whether hacking smart contracts is ethical, and more. Show topics:

  • Andrey’s background
  • how Andrey’s struggles with PayPal at Chatroulette led him to quickly understand the need for crypto
  • what Andrey’s involvement at Chatroulette is
  • the different ways Andrey thinks crypto can disrupt middlemen
  • why Andrey became infatuated with the narrative behind the “crypto” movement
  • why Andrey became a fan of Ethereum
  • why Andrey decided to tell me about his previously undisclosed involvement in The DAO and early Ethereum
  • whether hacking smart contracts is ethical (or legal)
  • what Andrey thinks about how Ukraine has used crypto in its fight against Russia’s invasion
  • why Andrey will most likely not decentralize Chatroulette
  • what Andrey’s perspective is on decentralization in terms of DeFi and DAOs

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