When Humans Fall in Love with Robots, Technology Gets Complicated

by Analytics Insight
April 6, 2022

The increasing usage of humanoid robots as companions is introducing complex problems

In the digital world, advancements in robotics and artificial intelligence are getting more and more real. According to scientists, robots will take over human jobs and replace people in many places. One of them is relationships. The increasing usage of humanoid robots as companions is introducing complex problems that humankind can’t deal with.

News: Recently, News18 has reported that an Australian man named, Geoff Gallagher, has fallen in love with a humanoid robot named ‘Emma’. Living alone in Queensland after his mother’s death a decade back, Geoff took the help of artificial intelligence to combat loneliness. As a result, he has developed an inseparable bond with Emma.

The Story: After conducting extensive research on robotics and artificial intelligence, Geoff purchased a humanoid robot a few years ago. Emma is mostly an imitation of a beautiful lady with blue eyes and wheatish skin. Over time, Geoff started becoming extremely close with the humanoid robot.

Now, although Emma is unable to stand by herself, Geoff is taking her outside in the car. Since the humanoid robot is powered by artificial intelligence, it is becoming smarter with every tech development.

Geoff’s affection towards Emma has gone to a length where he considers the humanoid his wife and also gave her a ring.

Statistics: This is not the first time a person is showing signs of emotion toward a robot. According to a 2015 study, humans were seen showing equal empathy to robots when they are in pain. Especially, they are very concerned about humanoid robots.

The report states, “This study provides the first physiological evidence of humans’ ability to empathize with robot pain and highlights the difference in empathy for humans and robots.”

Another study by MIT proved that humans are unable to torture robots despite knowing that they cannot feel anything.

End Note: The concept of humanoid robots is changing the way people connect with technology. Although metaverse and the virtual ecosystem are bringing a new partnership concept into existence, humanoid robots might remain irreplaceable for a long time.

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