What Trelleborg will highlight at MD&M West

Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical will exhibit advanced polymer solutions for healthcare and medical applications at MD&M West in Anaheim, California, April 12 to 14, 2022 in Booth 2301.

One display at the booth will be Trelleborg’s drug-eluting capabilities, its rapid development center, tubing and hose and molded parts, as well as its multicomponent and micro molding offerings.

Andrew Gaillard, global commercial director of healthcare & medical, said: “In recent years, we’ve seen a spike in demand from our customer-partners for devices that incorporate an Advanced Pharmaceutical Ingredient, an API, for targeted delivery of a therapy. Whether faced with a wound care application that requires wafer-thin silicone gel films with a drug element incorporated, or an innovative approach to cancer treatment with unique manufacturing challenges, our engineering teams are ready to partner with customers to help solve interesting and complex problems.

“At the show we will introduce our newly published API whitepaper. In the paper, we share the different manufacturing processes of combining silicone with APIs, their pros and cons, and test results that prove the effectiveness of the elution method. ”

Show attendees can also learn the latest news and updates about Trelleborg’s recently launched Rapid Development Center. The center is the company’s latest capability to help healthcare and medical customers expedite their new product development process, minimize production costs, quicken development time, and ensure superior-quality products.

Chris Tellers, director of the Rapid Development Center, said: “We partner with some of the world’s largest medical device companies. Since launching the Rapid Development Center in August of 2021, we have worked with many of them to develop solutions across a range of medical device categories, including cardiovascular, diabetes, and neurology. The fact is that we can quickly develop prototypes, and then move those designs rapidly into full scale production, sets us apart from other suppliers who may be able to provide one of these services but not both. ”

Another highlight will be Trelleborg Healthcare and Medical’s extensive selection of its specialty extruded tubing and hose products. Tubing is available in a full range of sizes and is custom designed with customers to meet their individual application needs.

Also on display will be molded parts used in implantable healthcare and medical devices alongside multicomponent and micro molding capabilities.

Gaillard added: “We engineer novel extrusion solutions for our customers’ specific tube and hosing applications. Examples include multi-lumen, silicone foam extrusions, and kink-resistant tubing for a variety of critical applications, such as pacemaker and neuromodulation leads and urological implants. Additionally, Trelleborg’s GeoTrans technology enables the production of extrusion profiles that can change throughout the length of the extrusion, supporting unique, customer-specific designs.

“One of our most well accepted capabilities is the combination of Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) with plastics. Commonly referred to as 2C or 2-shot, multicomponent injection molding enables our LSR experts to employ highly sophisticated tool and process engineering to develop innovative solutions that combine two or more individual materials into one fully bonded, robust component. ”


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