What is Microsoft CRM Dynamics 365?

Microsoft CRM Dynamics 365 (opens in new tab)also known as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, is a customer relationship management software tool made by Microsoft that offers more extensive features than a standard CRM (opens in new tab). When looking for the best CRM software (opens in new tab)it’s worth considering if you have advanced needs.

What does Microsoft CRM Dynamics 365 do?

Microsoft CRM Dynamics 365 may seem like an overwhelming service for a small business, but it actually has some simple key aims. Here’s a look at what it can do.

  • It provides a comprehensive view of a client. Microsoft CRM Dynamics 365 manages all the information you have gleaned from a client or customer, so that everything from their contact details to products they’ve purchased are listed in one place. That way, you know everything possible about what they might need
  • It makes it simple to monitor and manage tasks and deals. With so much information, it’s simple to manage tasks such as getting in touch with a client during renewal time, or dealing with a customer support issue
  • It automates customer-related processes. It’s also possible to automate certain processes, such as being able to automatically send a renewal notification, or even simply a birthday wish, to a regular client
  • It enables cross-departmental collaboration. Having a shared database of information means that different departments can share details quickly
  • It improves sales and customer service. More efficient contact management means that it’s easier to get in touch with a client, enabling you to be more personal and knowledgeable about them; often leading to better sales

How departments use Microsoft CRM Dynamics 365

Sales departments can use Microsoft CRM Dynamics 365 to manage sales opportunities and processes (Image credit: Microsoft)

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