What Are the Top Choices for Cloud Service Providers?

Cloud computing is the way of the future for many industries, and that’s not subject to change any time soon. Many cloud service providers are starting to call The Grand Canyon State home. If you’ve been putting off migrating your data to the cloud, now is the time to dive into service providers and start the process.

Cloud computing has many benefits, including 24/7 uptime, lower operational costs, and more. Use this quick comparison guide to answer the question, “What are the top choices for cloud service providers?” and select the right partner for your Arizona business.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Currently, AWS is the most popular choice for cloud hosting services. AWS has both public and hybrid offerings as well as various service types to suit your needs. You’ll gain access to high-performance computing, edge computing, and more. AWS is currently present in 190 countries and has more than 80 availability zones.

AWS has a straightforward sign-up process and lightning-fast deployments. Many companies choose Amazon due to its extensive worldwide infrastructure. AWS also has flexible billing, a broad partner network, and many APIs and other tools.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is another top contender in the cloud market, and it’s easy to see why. The Azure platform has more than 200 services and features. These services include IoT, blockchain, hybrid, multi-cloud, and much more. Beyond that, Azure’s cloud services are notoriously easy to use, making it a fantastic option for businesses just diving into cloud computing. Azure is also highly scalable, meaning the services can adapt to the changing needs of your growing brand with ease.

Google Cloud

Another one of the top choices for cloud service providers is Google. Google Cloud has a reliable infrastructure, user-friendly interface, and plenty of developer tools. Google offers no shortage of cloud solutions and innovative products, making it a solid provider.

If you already have some cloud services or on-premises data storage, it’s important to choose a service that works with your existing systems. Not every provider integrates prior cloud storage as easily.

These three providers are global, reliable, and feature fantastic support. If you’re new to cloud services, we recommend diving into the offerings of these brands and discovering the partner that best suits your company’s mission and long-term goals.

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