Watters asks why FBI, big tech did not have suspicion of Brooklyn subway attack on radar

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Fox News host Jesse Watters told viewers on Wednesday’s “Jesse Watters Primetime” that political correctness is putting lives in danger, calling out the FBI and big tech for “dropping the ball.”

JESSE WATTERS: Police have arrested Frank James. This is the guy accused of unleashing hell on a crowded subway yesterday morning, shooting 10 and injuring 23 in a flurry of gunfire and smoke bombs. The shooter called the police on himself as he calmly strolled around the city for 29 hours, even popping into a McDonald’s – just got a number three. They took him into custody without a fight. Police have not yet released a motive. But here at “Primetime,” we’ve been doing some investigating and found some very disturbing videos on his social media pages where he’s just spewing Black nationalist ideology.

For years, this freak was letting the world know his deepest, darkest thoughts, and big tech never flagged it. They consider themselves the speech police of what’s right and wrong to post, saying “gender is real” is considered hate speech online. But kill Whitey is just fine? And of course, this guy, Frank James, has a long rap sheet.


New York City Police Department personnel gather at the entrance to a subway stop in the Brooklyn borough of New York.
((AP Photo / John Minchillo))

The FBI has been busy framing Trump and militia kidnappers, missing dangerous radicals just right under their nose. If you watch the mainstream media, you’d have no idea Black nationalists even exist. As soon as the press realizes the attacks don’t fit their narrative, they bury this story.

Political correctness is putting lives in danger. The media is completely ignoring Black nationalism. There’s only room for White nationalism in their coverage because they need to keep the Democrat base scared and the country divided. The press is just a political chop shop. We know their motivation. But big tech is letting Black nationalism spread across the internet. These CEOs need to answer why. If you can’t get banned for posting a funny meme about Hillary, but you don’t get knocked off for death threats, who’s running your programs on the back end? Black nationalism is a serious threat, and our FBI just keeps dropping the ball. Why? The FBI director needs to answer questions under oath about this because the bureau’s priorities are out of whack.

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