Want a cheap Dolby Atmos soundbar? I just tried an amazing new option

In the last few years, we’ve seen high-end features from the best soundbars steadily trickle down into cheaper models, and one of the most important is Dolby Atmos. When done correctly, this audio format adds precise positioning to sounds so they match the action on-screen, and even height, so some sounds come from above you.

Most cheaper or mid-range soundbars that include Dolby Atmos don’t include actual upfiring speakers, or a limited number of side-angled speakers, which means they can give a wide and tall sound, but it doesn’t really sound like it’s coming from the ceiling, or far beyond the edges of the screen. That’s true of the Sony HT-G700 and Sonos Beam (2nd Gen) for example, which are among the best Dolby Atmos bars in the mid price range.

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