Veea Introduces STAX @ Work Empowering Remote Employees With a Lightning Fast and Super Secure 5G Edge Solution Anchored By A Stackable Smart Computing Hub

[email protected] is the ideal solution for service providers who are ready to monetize their investment in 5G infrastructure with an easy to sell, install, monitor, manage and grow their service bundles, including the STAX Smart Computing Hub, compatible across all major networks and application protocols. A stackable solution, this elegantly designed device is compact and scalable to suit the needs of the end users, whether they are working from home from a small office / home office (SOHO) or are in the company facilities.

As the number of employees working remotely continues to grow, including employees who have a need for computing power for rich applications and multimedia services including video collaboration, augmented and virtual reality, interactive customer service platforms and more, businesses of all sizes are investing in driving more productivity with better tools and continuous connectivity, blending fixed fiber and 5G wireless.

[email protected] is an “All-in-One” Platform with Smart Computing Hubs (SCHs) for the Network Edge and includes in its “Secure, Connect & Compute” suite, solutions for high quality broadband access with value-added services offered through service providers over 5G networks.

[email protected] substantially minimizes the extent of internal development activities for a variety of businesses whether it is intended for a self-contained solution for certain use cases at its headquarters or to support its “remote offices” with a unique multi-access multi-WAN hybrid edge and cloud computing for edge applications, supporting highly advanced but with simplified networking (“Zero-Touch”), IoT gateway services with secure data processing & management, captive portal, vision analytics, machine learning, AI, distributed storage, service automation, digital display management and other applications, which are required for a variety of use cases at remote locations especially for broadly distributed private business networks.

It is the ideal companion for 5G offerings, given the ease with which service providers can build a competitive offering, and roll it out to any size organization, implementing on a stand-alone basis, or integrated with public or private 4G / 5G networks.

Unique patented technologies, including a fully virtualized software environment with secure Docker containers for distributed computing, connectivity, application, and service mesh technology providing for improved capacity, coverage, and throughput for unlicensed band communications, and more.

Optionally, [email protected] may be offered with vTPN ™ – an integrated enterprise-grade full security stack that incorporates a hybrid edge-cloud Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) and Zero Trust Networking Access (ZTNA) for “Data-in-Motion” offered on an end-to -end basis. Beyond vTPN, Veea along with a large network of its ecosystem partners have developed an extensive range of other applications and solutions that can be bundled with 5G broadband access by the service providers and offered on an end-to-end basis for the following verticals:

  • Smart Campus
  • Smart Building
  • Smart SOHO
  • Smart Hospitality
  • Smart Retail
  • Smart Healthcare
  • Smart Factory
  • Smart Agriculture

The subsegments of these vertical markets that can benefit from unique applications developed include:

  • Real estate offices
  • Restaurants & bars
  • Retail outlets
  • Liquor stores
  • Legal offices
  • Fitness and recreation centers
  • Medical & Dental offices
  • Veterinary services
  • Nursing homes
  • Hotels and motels
  • Casinos
  • Construction firms
  • Architectural firms
  • Specialty trade contractors
  • Beauty salons
  • Personal care services
  • Child day-care services

Among the many features of Veea’s [email protected] solution has:

  • Highly integrated wireless and wired connectivity with advanced networking
  • Enterprise-class tri-band Wi-Fi 6 mesh router with dual-WAN (wired and / or 4G / 5G) connectivity and an IoT gateway
  • Comprehensive direct- and cross-connectivity over the mesh network for multiple protocols including Wi-Fi 6, Zigbee / Thread, Ethernet, Bluetooth, optional 4G CAT 16 (Gigabit LTE) and optional 5G (Sub-6 GHz)
  • Server-class edge processing with Linux OS and virtualized software environment with “Secure Docker” containers to run apps over an application mesh
  • Secure boot with hardware-based chain-of-trust for unmatched platform security
  • Powerful yet cost-effective networking with Zero-Touch Installation (ZTI) with simple plug-and-play setup
  • Highly compact form-factor (107mm x 107mm x 49mm)
  • Optional POE dock module with 5GB Ethernet port
  • 32GB eMMC flash storage expandable up to 2 TB via removable microSD card
  • Global multi-carrier support with multi-SIMs (ie, USIM, eSIM & vSIM capability)
  • Wired or wireless (OTA) bootstrap and device provisioning in over 200 countries
  • Quiet fan-less design
  • Multi-node edge network scalability through Veea’s vMesh technology
  • Integrated antenna / heat-sink design (patented) VeeaHub STAX for comfort touch
  • Cloud-based and local management of devices & the mesh network
  • Enterprise-grade cloud-based large-scale deployments and maintenance

The primary benefit for service providers is the ability to roll out a highly competitive offering, attractive to businesses of all sizes and in all industries, with an End to End Edge and Cloud management platform, which simplifies network and subscriber monitoring and management.

  • Enterprise-grade Network & Bulk Device Management with Hierarchical Group Policies and Role-Based Access Control
  • Central / Cloud-based Controls:
    • Software Maintenance
      • Individual unit and bulk software updates with one click
    • Application Distribution and Deployment
      • Orchestrate the application containers optimally on vMesh nodes
    • VeeaHub Configuration and Backup
  • Central visibility and management of VeeaHub products and mesh networks deployed by models, serial numbers, applications running on individual VeeaHub units and on any managed mesh network, 4G / 5G stats, orchestration and more
  • User / Enterprise Authentication with Single Sign-On (SSO) Across the Entire Platform with Keycloak authentication
  • REST APIs for Subscriber Provisioning, Device Inventory, Billing Integration and much more
  • Browser-Based GUI for Network, Device & Application Management including NOC options

“We welcome service providers to experience the power of Veea’s [email protected] solution in Barcelona this week, “he said Allen Salmasi, Chairman and CEO of Veea. “The value proposition to service providers is clear: retain and grow existing business customers and attract new business customers with the most advanced 5G broadband access solution today that offers applications over an extensive mesh network. The apps developed to date, for our groundbreaking Wi- Fi 6 mesh router with an integrated Linux server, will only grow as developers take advantage of Veea Developer Portal and the comprehensive set of tools made available for rapid app development.ARPU will notably increase as customers enjoy the speed and reliability of the 5G broadband access and overtime subscribe to a variety of apps offered through the platform. Service providers can ‘land and expand’ and disrupt their competitors with a distributed edge-cloud architecture which drives enormous operational efficiencies, thus impacting the top and bottom lines. “

Learn more about [email protected] here.

Learn more about [email protected] here.


The shift to high-end work-from-home solutions is part of the massive 5G Fixed-Wireless Access Market (FWAM) which is, according to several industry analyst firms, disrupting the broadband market. For example, Analysys Mason forecasts that by 2023, 290 million addressable premises world-wide (12% of total) will drive demand.

Market and Markets predicts that by 2026 FWAM will grow to an $ 86 billion annual market; assuming an average $ 35 Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), approximately 206 million premises will benefit from a blend of fixed and mobile services.

Polaris Market Research estimated FWAM size in 2027 at $ 88.5 billionwhich assuming $ 35 MRR representing 210 million premises.

About Veea

Veea red is redefining and simplifying secure edge computing that improves application responsiveness, reduces bandwidth costs, and eliminates central cloud dependency. VeeaHub® Smart Computing Hubs ™ integrate a full range of connectivity options, application processing power, and a full security stack to form an elastic edge computing platform with a dynamic connectivity and application mesh that can easily be deployed and centrally managed from the cloud. Veea Edge Services run across this application mesh to deliver secure remote access, IoT / IIoT / AIoT, and a wide range of smart applications. These elements along with a range of groundbreaking vertical-specific applications comprise the Veea Edge Platform, serving the needs of organizations across Smart Buildings, Smart Energy, Smart Cities, Smart Construction, Smart Farming, Smart Retail, and other industry verticals. Veea’s Virtual Trusted Private Networking (vTPN solution) solution, based on a unique and highly secure VPN technology and cloud-managed full stack security services, makes it simple and affordable to securely connect for most smart vertical market applications including the remote and work-from -home workforce and branch offices. Veea was formed in 2014 and is headquartered in New York, NYwith its development activities primarily located in its engineering offices in Bath, UKand Iselin, New JerseyUSA, along with sales and support offices located at multiple locations throughout the US, France, South Koreaand Brazil. Veea was named by Gartner as a 2021 Cool Vendor in Edge Computing. For more information, visit Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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