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Trend Micro (opens in new tab) is a Japanese-American software company specializing in security tools. It offers a broad suite of antivirus (opens in new tab), privacy protection, and internet security software, some of which are free. The company released Trend Micro Family (opens in new tab)a dedicated parental control app (opens in new tab)in 2021. It gives parents an easy way to monitor their kids online and ensure the content they see is age-appropriate.

Many parents are concerned about their kids spending too much time on their devices or accessing improper online content, and Trend Micro built its parental control app in response to demand from such parents. The company developed Trend Micro Family as part of its Internet Safety for Kids & Families program, a philanthropic initiative aimed at educating people on using the internet safely and responsibly.

We tested the Trend Micro Family app to give you an unbiased review that’ll help you decide if it’s the right tool for you or not. We assessed the app based on specific criteria, including features, ease of use, compatibility, etc.

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