Top features for effective web app and API security tools

API powered technology is providing a greater user experience, thanks to its ability to provide more functionality than ever before. However, we are also finding these advances in technology are outpacing those in the cybersecurity space. As such, Fastly’s Sean Leach, Chief Product Architect discusses the must-have features when it comes to web app and API security tools.

About the author

Sean Leach is Chief Product Architect at Fastly.

It has become apparent that, in order to keep up with the advances in applications, security tools need to be more advanced, with solutions that include flexible deployment, DevOps support, and strong API protection. It is an issue faced by many enterprises. In the recent research report, “Reaching the Tipping Point of Web Application and API Security,” we found that more than half of respondents said that most, if not all, of their applications will use APIs in the next two years. This is even despite the fact they believe web application and API security is more complicated today than it was two years ago, in part because of these shifts to public cloud and API-centric applications.

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