Top 5 Robotics Companies and Their Surprising Creations

by Analytics Insight
April 19, 2022

Artificial Intelligence is growing by leaps and bounds. It is about to become a $ 60 billion market by 2025 and you would hardly find a company that is not invested in AI currently or planning for in the future. The very versatile applications are not built in a day. They are vetted thoroughly before making them available to the public. In the process, the developers end up inventing some intuitive and unique machines whose functionalities are beyond our imagination.

Toyota’s THR-3

Meet THR-3, the third generation of Toyota’s Humanoid Robot program. The robot, designed to fill multiple roles can be programmed to learn several things. It can provide care, do construction work, clean, or even just be your companion.

Additionally, the robot is made to be remotely controlled. So, a human can wear a motion capture suit to step in and control the robot, move its limbs, etc. The robot is made for working along with us and its hybrid control model is groundbreaking.

Sony Aibo

Sony’s Aibo is a robotic dog, designed to sit halfway between being a pet and being a toy. Since it was first launched in 2018, it has been augmented with AI designed to make it act and behave realistically, to the extent that it can now recognize its owner’s face or voice and adapt its behavior to its personality.

Honda Asimo

Asimo is one of the world’s most progressive humanoid robots, ready to adapt freely, stroll on two legs, and climb steps. For a robot, two-legged ambulation in a true situation is an unpredictable AI accomplishment in its own right. Machines must have the option to learn so as to keep upstanding, stable, and moving with a wide range of circumstances and dangers they may experience.

Samsung’s Bot Retail

This Samsung robot is made just to work in the retail world. The robot can navigate its way through crowds as it directs customers to products they want to buy. Moreover, they are so similar to salesmen that they can also make suggestions to people who are browsing.

Apart from navigating, the bot can also take payments via NFC. In addition to this, they can be a personal shopper as they can stock your products on a shelf behind them as you buy. The robot is also adept at analyzing human expressions and language to make itself more useful during your shopping experience.

Houston Mechatronics Aquanaut

The Aquanaut is a combination of two of the most generally utilized unmanned submerged vehicles – submarine automatons, and remote-controlled support vehicles. Enabled by AI, it can act self-rulingly to analyze and complete fixes on structures, for example, oil apparatuses and pipelines, in situations that would be both dangerous and costly for people to reach.

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