Top 10 Robotics Companies in the United States that Leads the Industry

by Aratrika Dutta
March 17, 2022

These top 10 robotics companies in the United States are emerging as disruptive robot-makers

Robots and AI machines are taking over the world. They are becoming widespread in several industries like healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, education, and defense. Without robotics, many of the world’s largest manufacturing and tech industries would not be able to operate. Big robotics companies are making it possible for other enterprises to become this efficient. This article lists the top 10 robotics companies in the United States.

NVIDIA Corporation is a US-based technology company that specializes in designing and selling interactive graphics on PCs, mobile devices, laptops, notebooks, workstations, and more.

Rockwell Automation is one of the largest providers of industrial automation power, control, and information solutions for manufacturing companies globally.

Universal Robots has its roots in Denmark and works primarily for the automation industry. The company aims to make collaborative robots known as cobots. Universal Robots has introduced a whole new concept to conjugate the working of humans and robots for industrial work.

Boston Dynamics is an American engineering and robotics design company that is headquartered in Massachusetts. The company is best known for the development of a series of highly-mobile dynamic robots, including Stretch, Spot, Atlas, and Handle.

Canvas Technology is a robotics company with a mission to provide end-to-end autonomous delivery of goods. The robots are well-equipped with stereo cameras that allow full 3D viewing, which covers the entire area in front of the robot.

Voliro is developing advanced flying robots to perform inspection and maintenance tasks more safely, cost-effectively, and faster than traditional methods.

Zebra Technologies is one of the world’s largest robotics companies that offer retail robots called SmartSight. This automated system optimizes the customer’s retail experience and boosts overall store performance by solving the most common problems in retail stores, such as incorrect pricing and high labor costs.

iRobot Corporation specializes in designing and producing consumer robots. The company’s portfolio of robotics solutions includes various innovations for smart homes and different concepts in visualizing, navigation, mobility, and artificial intelligence.

Ubtech Robotics is a popular Chinese robotics company that is well-known for creating intelligent humanoid robots. The company’s innovative creations serve the public, accelerate STEM education for children and entertain homes.

The CloudMinds vision is that by 2025, helpful humanoid robots will be affordable for the average household. The vision also includes creating a new kind of venture with a unique international character that earns and keeps the trust of people and markets everywhere.

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