Top 10 Ethical Hacking Tutorials for Beginners

Ethical hacking is a leading technology to prevent the organization or company from any forthcoming black hat hackers. They also work as security experts for the organization. They are responsible for making the organization’s data safe and secure from attackers.

We can take the example of Uber, it was hacked by hackers and the data of 50 million users was exposed publicly. Many top companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Deloitte, etc. hire ethical hacking professionals to make their data safe and secure from the next attackers.

Now it has become a top growing field that offers a huge number of jobs to students with the highest package. It requires a highly skilled professional so the students should learn ethical hacking well to establish their bright careers in this field. There are many platforms like Udemy, Coursera, LinkedIn, Unacademy, Coding Ninja, Newton School, etc. that offer Ethical Hacking Courses to make the students job-ready and professional in this field. Students can also become tutors for ethical hacking for various tutorials. It offers a dream career to students and high-paying jobs in top companies.

  1. Learn Ethical Hacking from Scratch (Best Seller)

Ethical hackers hack computers or systems and also work as security experts. In this Udemy Ethical Hacking Course you will learn about the practical side of penetration testing without considering the theory behind any attack. You need to install the lab and software first before going to penetration testing.

This course is designed using the basics of Linux, computer systems, networks, and the way that all devices will communicate with each other.

Course Highlights:

  • Excellent coverage of both theory as well as practical concepts.
  • The level rises from beginner to advance
  • Practice session
  • Experts to solve queries
  • Updated content
Course Provider Course Rating Course Duration Fees
Udemy 4.6 12.5 hours INR 639 (3,499) 82% off

In this course, all the attacks are practical attacks that work on any device like a computer, laptop, phone, or tablet. Each attempt is explained simply. Firstly you need to learn the theory behind each attack and then learn how to carry out an attack using Kali Linux.

  1. Ethical Hacking: Introduction to Ethical Hacking (New)

Ethical Hacking is for the security purposes of any device it is the most desirable skill for any IT professional. In this course, you will learn the following:

  • Importance of Ethical Hacking
  • Basics in getting started security of your network.

If you are interested in learning ethical hacking or want to establish a career in this discipline you can go for this course. This course will help you learn today’s threat landscape, dissecting the top attack vectors and reasons for the attack. It is focused on how to make your network secure and remain safe from attacks.

Course Highlights:

  • Best for basic ethical hacking knowledge
  • The course covers all the sections divided into three parts: foundation, lab setup, and hacking.
  • Practice sessions and assignments
  • Access on mobile and laptop
Course Provider Course Rating Duration Course Fees
Udemy 4.6 2 weeks INR 639 (3,499) 82% off
  1. The Complete Hacking Course: Beginner to Advanced

It is the most popular ethical hacking course which makes students experts in hacking. It is provided by an expert named Ermin Kreponic. It gives in-depth knowledge to students about penetration and ethical backing principles. It contains 26 sections that are designed well to make you an ethical hacking expert. The students are continuously monitored by the experts and enhance their skills. At present this course is done by nearly 24 lakh students.

Course Highlights:

  • Teaches how to break a password, attack the network, or make a hacking environment.
  • Provides 5 additional resources to learn
  • It Covers Wi-Fi hacking, web testing along with ethical hacking.
  • Lifetime access
Course Provider Course Rating Course Duration Fees
Udemy 4.4 24.5 hours INR 639 (3,499) 82% off
  1. Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking

If you are interested in ethical hacking or want to establish a career in the field, this course will be very beneficial for you. It is a free-of-cost course that provides in-depth knowledge of ethical hacking concepts. It is designed by Leo Dregier and covers the depth of knowledge from beginner to pro level.

It covers all the topics like system hacking, session hijacking, etc. in a detailed manner. It consists of 19 modules including assignments that make students experts in ethical hacking. All the doubts and queries of learners are solved by experts.

Course Highlights:

  • Free of cost course
  • The syllabus is broken into modules which make effective learning of all the topics
  • Covers all the sections from beginner to advanced level
  • Provide quality content
  • 5 hours of video sessions with additional content
Course Provider Course Rating Course Duration Fees
Cybrary 4.4 13.5 hours Free
  1. Ethical Hacking Course For Beginners And Experts

This course is designed to provide a fundamental understanding of topics, tools, and technologies for ethical hacking. It aimed to make learners knowledgeable and skilled in ethical hacking concepts. The lessons start from the basics and go to an advanced level.

By the end of this course, learners will learn about five important aspects of hacking and identifying risks. The learners should have prior one year experience in network technologies and have TCP / IP operating system requirements.

Course Highlights:

  • Covers both theoretical and practical aspects of security concepts.
  • Teaches how to install and use software and navigate the interface.
  • Free of cost up to the first 10 days
Course Provider Course Rating Course Duration Fees
Pluralsight 4.2 60 hours INR 2000 / month
  1. Become an Ethical Hacker (LinkedIn Learning)

This is also a leading ethical hacking course designed by experts who are experts in forensics, network security, web design, and development named Scott Simpson, Malcolm Shore, James Williamson, and Lisha Bock.

The course covers all the basic concepts in-depth and the learners become experts after completing this course. In the beginning, it covers all important topics comprehensively and also till the end. You may prefer his course for your career boost in this field.

Course Highlights

  • Covers common as well as future cybersecurity threats
  • Well-designed and comprehensive course
  • Nearly 20 learning contents are provided
  • Uses a hands-on approach to find threats to the network
Course Provider Course Rating Course Duration Fees
LinkedIn learning 4.2 35 hours INR 2263 / month
  1. Learn Ethical Hacking Online (LinkedIn)

This ethical hacking course is designed under the guidance of experts to make learners experts in their respective hacking domains. The course is well structured and planned to fulfill the individual needs of learners. It covers all the topics like Kali Linux, Scanning Networks, etc.

Course Highlights

  • Free of cost for one month on a trial version
  • The course is curated by top industrial experts
  • The course is designed well
  • Highly rated and reviewed by learners
Course Provider Course Rating Course Duration Fees
LinkedIn 4.3 Variable INR 2263 / month
  1. Hacking and Patching Certification By University of Colorado (Coursera)

If you are interested in wi-fi passwords and web apps then this course will be the perfect choice for you. This course is designed by the University of Colorado and spearheaded by Professor Edward Chow (Computer Science). Apart from wi-fi passwords and web applications, this course learns penetration tools and hands-on lab scanning. You should go for the course to get advanced level skills in hacking techniques.

Course Highlights

  • The course is divided into four sections
  • Topics to hack and patch apps with injection vulnerabilities
  • It contains 20 video lectures and 12 readings
  • Provide training on tools like Kali Penetration testing, and Nessus Scanning Tools
Course Provider Course Rating Course Duration Fees
Colorado University 4.3 12 hours Free
  1. Cybersecurity for Managers: A Playbook (MIT Management Executive Education)

This course is designed for managers to manage their teams and keep the company’s data safe. The course is focused on the demand of industries and requirements in the present time. It learns to manage the risks in cybersecurity easily. The top learners are awarded by the MIT Sloan School of Management as well.

Course Highlights

  • It provides a cybersecurity framework for better risk management
  • Covers cybersecurity jargon for beer communication
  • A verified digital certificate is provided by the MIT Sloan School of Management
Course Provider Course Rating Course Duration Fees
MIT Management Executive Education 4.3 6 weeks INR 2,14,000
  1. Cybersecurity Certification By University of Maryland (Coursera)

The field of cybersecurity is growing very vastly, now it has become one of the popular career choices among youngsters. The course is designed by the University of Maryland to make learners cybersecurity experts. The course is divided into 5 parts to make learning beady and effective. The learners who want to establish their bright career in cybersecurity can prefer this course.

Highlight course

  • Well-designed and developed course
  • Covers all the concepts from basic to advanced level
  • Covers both theoretical and practical aspects of the technology
  • It consists of 5 courses
Course Provider Course Rating Course Duration Fees
Maryland University 4.1 135 hours Nile

Ethical Hacking is a new emerging technology that provides lucrative careers for students and also provides them paid jobs in India as well as foreign countries. If the students are interested in the ethical hacking field they can choose it for a full-time career to get a decent job. Many multinational companies hire ethical hackers with good salary packages and their demands are increasing day by day.

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