The leadership teams of CrucialLogics and Packetlabs Inc. are proud to announce the launch of Mirador Security

MISSISSAUGA, ON, May 9, 2022 / CNW / – Mirador Security makes SOC (Security Operations Center) services accessible and affordable to all companies, no matter their size. In addition, Mirador Security combines Packetlabs ‘leading hacking expertise and CrucialLogics’ Microsoft Gold Certified Technical expertise into one unified company, formalizing the long-standing and successful partnership the two companies already have. We are proud to announce the Microsoft Sentinel SOC built by hackers.

“We wanted to make SOC services easily available to all companies,” he says Richard Rogerson, CEO of Mirador Security. “We felt the best way to do that was to build on the expertise offered within both companies to create a unique service offering – without asking clients to work with two different companies, regardless of how seamless we made the experience.”

“We look forward to launching this company at a time when cybercrime is growing exponentially, and companies are struggling to manage their exposure, remediate any issues and prevent future issues,” says CRO, Nim Nadarajah. “We also know that the existing consultants in the market are unaffordable for the average company.” Leverage your existing investment in Microsoft to reduce your threat landscape and take security defense to new heights.

Mirador Security launches with four service offerings:

Managed Defense – We help you hunt, assess, respond, and contain threats to your endpoints and networks all day, every day.

Security Operations (SecOps) – Rapid detection, triage, and elimination of potential threats to the IT environment. The enterprise-wide visibility quickly rules out false positives, responds to real threats, investigates breaches, and restores security.

Security Response – Leveraging our incident response methodology, proven advisory expertise, and deep inside knowledge of what hackers can achieve, we help quickly identify and contain all threats. Our Security Response service mitigates legal, HR, and customer-facing risk from shoring up endpoints and networks to prioritizing recovery actions.

Forensics – We investigate the root cause of the breach, restore security, address recovery, and mitigate customer, employee, and legal risk.

About Mirador Security

Mirador Security combines the insider know-how of ethical hackers and OSCP-certified penetration testing experts with top Microsoft Gold Certified Technical expertise to help clients quickly detect security threats, identify gaps, and mitigate risk. With an eye on business outcomes, we develop masterfully planned security strategies and meticulously execute tactics to keep businesses safe from cybercrime.

SOURCE Mirador Security

For further information: Media inquiries: Gayle Kosokowsky, Mirador Security, [email protected]1 866 219 1814


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