The hidden (and not so hidden) tech making electric scooters safer

Electric scooters are a lot like electric bikes in that they’re super convenient, take the strain out of getting from A to B and can often be a sensible alternative to jumping in the car. However, they both share an issue that revolves around helmets. Let’s face it, the humble safety helmet might be a great and proven life-saving invention, but it’s not exactly convenient to carry around.

Fast forward to Nottingham, UK, where TechRadar was recently invited to try out the Superpedestrian electric scooter service being trialled and get the benefit of a safety training session from Scoot Fit. We even got given a collapsible safety helmet, which certainly helps on the convenience front.

(Image credit: Superpedestrian)

Superpedestrian is a tech company that originated at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2013. Since then it’s gone on to build up a shared mobility infrastructure scheme, with its main focus being the e-scooter.

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