The 100 Coolest Cloud Computing Companies Of 2022

The momentum for cloud computing adoption continued to intensify in 2021 as more organizations turned to cloud providers, solution providers and SaaS companies to help them navigate a second year of the pandemic coronavirus.

Citing a “golden age” for the technology sector, Wedbush Securities called the growth prospects around cloud — and cybersecurity— “unparalleled” to any period since it started covering technology stocks in 2000. It forecasts $ 1 trillion of cloud spending in the coming years with huge investments also focused on big data analytics, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and 5G.

Customers have been moving past lift-and-shift migrations from on-premises to the cloud simply to keep their organizations running. A wave of enterprise digital transformation spending fueled double-digit revenue growth for cloud leaders Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud and a host of other providers. They’re building what Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella refers to as “tech intensity” by leveraging the latest cloud technologies to innovate. They’re also using more cloud-based collaboration and productivity tools for their hybrid workforces — including Microsoft 365 and its mega-popular Teams and Google Workspace — to prepare for what those workforces and their offices will look like in a post-pandemic world.

CRN’s Cloud 100 list recognizes the coolest cloud computing companies in cloud infrastructure, monitoring and management, security, software and storage, highlighting 20 in each category.

Joining AWS, Microsoft and Google Cloud on the cloud infrastructure list are familiar legacy tech names making cloud plays such as Dell, IBM and Oracle, a startup offering cloud-native infrastructure services powered by Kubernetes and a division of telecommunications provider Verizon.

CRN’s selections for cloud monitoring and management include a cloud-native logging and security analytics company, the creator of a software delivery platform that uses AI to simplify DevOps processes, and the provider of a SaaS platform for modern commerce.

Cloud security companies making the Cloud 100 this year help address customers’ needs as the type and number of cybersecurity attacks continue to escalate. Cloud companies and their partners and customers last year were plagued by cybersecurity vulnerabilities, threats and attacks, including the ongoing damage stemming from the attack on the SolarWinds Orion network monitoring platform; ransomware attacks against technology supplier Kaseya and IT consulting giant Accenture, among others; the compromise of Microsoft Exchange on-premises servers; and the discovery of critical vulnerabilities in the Java logging utility Apache Log4j to end the year. Those challenges came as regulatory and other compliance requirements also increased. New entrants on the Cloud 100 for security include iboss, a zero-trust cloud security provider that uses a containerized cloud architecture, and Illumio, which specializes in zero-trust segmentation.

Cloud providers have been ramping up their partner programs with independent software vendors whose technology offerings integrate with their platforms and are sold through their online marketplaces. The Cloud 100 software list runs from Adobe to Zoho, with new entrants ranging from a data observability pipeline company to the provider of an open-source, distributed SQL database for building cloud-native applications.

The coolest cloud storage companies, meanwhile, demonstrate the breadth of technologies in the evolving sector, from legacy storage hardware vendors NetApp and Pure Storage to a “storageless” data startup that developed a global file system technology that delivers software-defined storage services for data on any infrastructure or cloud.

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