Tamil Nadu school education department takes steps to improve students’ skill set

Tamil Nadu School Education Minister Anbil Mahesh Poyyamozhi announced on Monday a set of measures the department plans to implement in the upcoming academic year to improve students’ skill sets.

The minister noted that due to Covid-19, there has been a learning gap among students and the teachers are putting their best efforts to bring the students on to the right path. He noted that apart from taking classes, the teachers also have the additional responsibility to initiate a dialogue with students to improve their mental health.

The government is planning to initiate monthly PTA meetings to improve the association between teachers and parents. Schools have been directed to actively conduct literature, arts and environment club meetings which remained inactive over the past two years owing to Covid-19.

To encourage students who develop more interest in arts, sports, the government has planned to conduct school cultural festivals and sports events. Music, drama, storytelling, poem reciting, puppet shows, folk tales and photography competitions are also to be held. Students who excel in these events are set to be taken on an education tour to other countries and states. Chess championships are to be held across the state and the winners will be provided with an opportunity to interact with international players.

The government is planning to conduct special summer camps for students. They will be provided with an opportunity to attend workshops on several topics including environmental awareness, leadership quality, human rights, social justice, science and technology, among others.

In a bid to improve students’ curiosity towards technology and computers, computer program and Robotics clubs will be formed in schools and the students will be provided hands-on training on cyber security, and ethical hacking.

All government and aided schools would raise more awareness on mental health, child abuse, prevention against drugs, and self-hygiene, among others. Psychiatrists would be deployed to provide counseling for students who require based on the recommendation of the principal. To improve the physical health of students, special training through physiotherapists is set to be provided.

According to the Tamil Nadu school education department, for the first time in the country, a magazine dedicated to teachers will be published. Students and teachers can send their creative works to the magazine called ‘Kanavu Aasiriyar’ (dream teacher). The government is also planning to introduce programs on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.


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