Intel’s Greg Lavender On Project Amber, Securing The Digital Future, Quantum Computing And ‘Y2Q’

If Tuesday’s Intel Vision 2022 keynote offered a hopeful glimpse of the future of information technology, Wednesday’s address was a sobering reminder about the extraordinary efforts being made to secure that emerging technology. The Santa Clara, Calif. chip behemoth also announced the launch of Project Amber, a cloud security subscription service that will be available … Read more

Arm-Based Chips Are In High Demand In The Server Market

RJ PierceTech Times March 30, 2022, 11:03 p.m. Arm may be lording it over in the mobile device sector right now, but a bigger, more lucrative market is calling: the server market. And the demand is growing by the day. (Photo: Sean Gallup / Getty Images)A worker assembles a data center module container at the … Read more

No, the Cloud Is Not a Green Technology

There is a myth surrounding the cloud regarding it as a green technology. Though we love cloud computing, people tend to think that if they bring their technology to the cloud, they’re being green. Much of this misconception comes from the cloud providers themselves, but a lot is from general misunderstandings of what the cloud … Read more