The Stäubli Robotics Guide to Smart Production: Coming to Automate 2022 in Detroit

A smart e-bike production line in action, autonomous mobile robots and more bring the connected Industry 4.0 environment to life Duncan, South Carolina, April 26, 2022 – Industry 4.0 has arrived, and at Automate, taking place June 6 to 9 at Huntington Place Convention Center in Detroit, MI, attendees will experience its leading edge up … Read more

High Point academy robotics team heads to national championship

A High Point academy’s robotics team is making program history by heading to the national championship.Tri-City Christian Academy is a private Christian school located at 8000 Clinard Farms Road in High Point, North Carolina.According to the school’s website, their values ​​are the following: Develop a personal relationship with God and his fellow men.Master basic and … Read more

Robotic Disruption in US Workforce Leads to New Opportunities and Challenges

The US workforce has faced a fair amount of disruption in the past few years. From mass layoffs to the work-from-home revolution and now labor shortages, the employment landscape keeps shifting. Amid all of this change, more companies have started embracing robotics. North American industrial companies ordered a record 29,000 robots in the first nine … Read more

Engineers Meet Industry Demand By Growing Their Robotics & IAS Expertise

For engineers with a traditional background in mechanical, electrical or computer engineering, specializing in IAS can accelerate their career progression and potentially make them more money. Engineers Meet Industry Demand By Growing Their Robotics & IAS Expertise Article from | University of Cincinnati Online From the robots working 24/7 in an Amazon warehouse to drones … Read more

The End of Astronauts — and the Rise of Robots

How much do do we need humans in space? How much do we want them there? Astronauts embody the triumph of human imagination and engineering. Their efforts shed light on the possibilities and problems posed by travel beyond our nurturing Earth. Their presence on the moon or on other solar-system objects may imply that the … Read more

TN robo-scientist’s ‘Lillipot’ to spark learning, curiosity among students- The New Indian Express

Express News Service VILLUPURAM: With rapt attention, a young Balaji Thirunavukarasu observed how a farmer plowed his land. On the small piece of land, the farmer would go back and forth with his tools from dawn to dusk. It was then that Balaji wondered how this much time and effort could be reduced. Eureka! The … Read more

Career in Mechatronics and Robotics

Mechatronic and Robotics engineers work with one of the most rapidly developing industries of the modern age. They are concerned with the concept, design, development and operation of robots, whether that be robot arms in manufacturing or assistive devices for healthcare and self-driving cars or unmanned aerial vehicles for surveying crops. They are involved in … Read more

Robots are in Salt Lake City. And no, they’re not taking your job

This story is part of The Salt Lake Tribune’s ongoing commitment to identifying solutions to Utah’s biggest challenges through the work of the Innovation Lab. [Subscribe to our newsletter here] With a virtual reality headset strapped to her head and controllers clasped to her hands, Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall directed a robot to … Read more

Food delivery robots will soon return to campus

Food robots are returning to campus with a new company, Cartken, after weeks of hiatus due to Grubhub ending its partnership with Yandex. Credit: Courtesy of The Ohio State University Food delivery robots will soon return to Ohio State after over a monthlong hiatus. The university announced March 3 that Grubhub would withdraw its food … Read more

Hospital robots face attacks by hackers after security flaws found

Servers that control robots working in hospitals were found to have major gaps in security coding. The robots perform menial tasks like delivering medications and transporting materials across hospitals but could be exploited to do harm. Aethon TUG smart autonomous robots are a cost-effective way for hospitals and other businesses to delegate simple tasks away … Read more