NASA reveals SCARY Truth: Phobos moon will CRASH into Mars

As the Perseverance rover by NASA captures images of Phobos, it also reveals a terrifying truth that one day the Mars moon will crash into the planet. Last week, the Perseverance rover, launched by NASA, captured stunning images of Phobos as it eclipsed the Sun. The gorgeous view of Phobos shielding the Sun’s rays from … Read more

How NASA will deal with an asteroid that could hit Earth

NASA has warned against potentially hazardous asteroids heading towards Earth and it plans to use its DART mission to prevent a collision. Check out how it will work NASA has reported several potentially hazardous asteroids coming close to Earth in the last few months. While they didn’t cause any harm to us, a little bit … Read more

Wow! NASA photo reveals how Earth and Moon look from Mars

NASA photo of Earth and Moon captured from Mars. The image was taken by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. How does the Earth and Moon look from Mars? Well, to answer this question, NASA has shared a picture of Earth and Moon captured by the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera on NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance … Read more

Leave Space Exploration To The Robots, Says New Book

Artist’s concept of the Parker Solar Probe spacecraft approaching the Sun. Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Is human exploration beyond low-Earth orbit a thing of the past? Will space tourism profit and expand in low-Earth orbit while the rough and tumble exploration of space beyond the Moon continue to be carried out via robotics? … Read more

Sun emits solar flare; Awesome photo captured by NASA

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory has captured the Sun emitting a fearsome solar flare on April 20, 2022. Sun, the giant burning ball in our solar system, has been caught emitting a solar flare on Wednesday, April 20, 2022. The information has been provided by NASA in a blog post. “The Sun emitted a moderate solar … Read more

NASA says Hubble Space Telescope awesome dance of 5 galaxies; Check photo

NASA says Hubble Space Telescope captured a mesmerizing look of an unusual collection of five galaxies. NASA says it is unique! 32 years! That’s how much time has been spent by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope to discover new galaxies, mesmerizing moments of stars, planets, and a lot more. Yes, it is the birthday of the … Read more

128Km wide COMET is flying towards us at blistering speed; Will Earth END in 2031?

The largest comet in the solar system, Bernardinelli-Bernstein, is headed towards the Earth. What can happen if a comet as large as a dwarf planet strikes the Earth? NASA may have the answer. A few weeks ago, NASA reported that the largest comet in the solar system was heading toward Earth. The comet, named C … Read more

NASA: Massive solar storm hits Earth, sparks VHF radio blackout in Asia, Australia

NASA: A huge solar flare erupting on the surface of the Sun sent a solar storm towards the Earth on April 17. The solar storm was so strong that it caused radio blackouts. According to the US Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC), a powerful solar flare on the surface of the Sun caused radio blackouts … Read more

The End of Astronauts — and the Rise of Robots

How much do do we need humans in space? How much do we want them there? Astronauts embody the triumph of human imagination and engineering. Their efforts shed light on the possibilities and problems posed by travel beyond our nurturing Earth. Their presence on the moon or on other solar-system objects may imply that the … Read more

This DANGEROUS move by NASA can trigger invasion on Earth, warns scientist

NASA will broadcast information about Earth into outer space but an Oxford scientist has called it dangerous as this could trigger an invasion of Earth – by ALIENS. Humans have always wondered if we are alone in the universe or if there are other intelligent life-forms, in other words aliens, on different planets, just like … Read more