Supercharged IT, superclouds, and superpowered healthcare – what they can deliver

When it comes to information technology (IT), the “whether and why” discussion about cloud use is pretty much over. As noted in some recent analysis from Accenture, “The last two years have laid bare the power and agility of cloud… and a new understanding that cloud at scale is essential for operations maturity, and ultimately, … Read more

Diagnostic test receives ACG backing for screening of Barrett’s esophagus

The Cytosponge test is set to change the diagnosis of Barrett’s esophagus, the pre-cancerous condition predisposing individuals to oesophageal cancer, in the US following an update to clinical guidelines from the American College of Gastroenterology (ACG) supporting its use in screening. Published in American Journal of Gastroenterology (AJG), the revised guidelines synthesize current best practices … Read more

Kistler unveils NCFC electromechanical joining module

Kistler is adding the NCFC electromechanical joining module to its portfolio, providing a solution for clinching and riveting applications, and also for assembly and joining processes that require force-displacement monitoring. The NCFC requires little installation space, so weight and center of gravity design are optimized – particularly for robot arm applications. Clinching (also known as … Read more

iXensor receives investment from Rohto for digital health platform expansion

iXensor announced that Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, a multinational pharmaceutical corporation in Japan, has become its strategic partner and shareholder, to expand its mobile health business globally and accelerate its PixoTech licensing platform. Building on this strategic partnership, Rohto Pharmaceutical will deploy iXensor’s patented PixoTech technology to digitize its new products through a separate technology … Read more

Owen Mumford launches safety blood collection devices

Owen Mumford Ltd has launched a new venous blood collection portfolio under its Unistik brand. The new portfolio builds upon the company’s expertise and heritage in capillary blood sampling to offer a range of venous devices that provide safety, comfort and quality for healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients. The new Unistik blood collection range launches … Read more

Ultrahuman acquires consumer-focused wearable company LazyCo

Ultrahuman, a metabolic fitness platform, has announced the acquisition of consumer-focused wearable company LazyCo famed for creating the Aina ring wearable. LazyCo will integrate with Ultrahuman’s global in-house hardware development team as they seek opportunities to enhance the user experience and help improve global metabolic health standards. Ultrahuman will leverage the LazyCo team’s expertise to … Read more

AI tool for prostate MRI analysis to support PI-RADS scoring

RSIP Vision, experienced in medical imaging through advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computer vision solutions, announces a new tool for prostate MRI analysis. The tool performs segmentation of the prostate, its sub-sections, and lesions. It analyzes the lesions’ intensity, restriction, size, and shape, and provides a baseline for Prostate Imaging – Reporting and Data System … Read more

Case study: How accurate low flow pumps help automate diabetes control device

The Profil Institut für Stoffwechselforschung GmbH [institute for metabolic research] is using Watson-Marlow OEM pump technology in a medical device designed to automatically measure and control blood sugar levels in patients suffering from diabetes. Each of Profil’s ClampArt glucose clamp devices use three Watson-Marlow 400ST / RX pumps. A total of 28 ClampArt devices have … Read more

BioInteractions launches new medical device coating technology

BioInteractions, a UK biomaterial technology company, has launched TridAnt, a new coating technology for medical devices which represents a paradigm shift in infection prevention and protection against a broad range of pathogens. TridAnt incorporates active and passive components to create a non-leaching, effective, safe and durable antimicrobial coating for medical devices and implants. The World … Read more

Covestro debuts drug delivery device from medical-grade polycarbonates

Covestro introduces a proof-of-concept drug delivery device, manufactured from its portfolio of medical-grade polycarbonate resins. The device uses discrete polycarbonates in each piece, simplifying sorting and recycling after disposal of bio-contaminated pieces. It demonstrates how various polycarbonates and blends may be used including: Covestro’s Medical low friction Makrolon polycarbonate, Medical glass-filled Makrolon polycarbonate, high flow … Read more