Police roped in a team of ethical hackers to nab accused

Vannam Sriram Dinesh Kumar amassed over ₹ 3 crore by hacking data servers of various payment gateways The tech-savvy police of Hyderabad hired a team of ethical hackers to identify and nab Vannam Sriram Dinesh Kumar from Vijayawada, who amassed more than ₹ 3 crore in the last three years by hacking the data servers … Read more

Hyderabad cops nab reward-winning hacker who stole from payment gateways

Published: Published Date – 04:11 PM, Wed – 11 May 22 Hyderabad: A youngster, who earlier won a $ 100 reward for exposing security vulnerabilities of an online payment firm, was arrested by the Hyderabad City Police for hacking into the account of another e-payment company and stealing cash. The police took help from an … Read more