Why Interviewers Urgently Need Guidance

Interviews are the vital bridge between organizations and potential best-matched candidates. But they are challenging to get right, and many organizations have “never done a worse job of it.” While interviewers across organizations are well-intentioned, they can often lack the skills and insights necessary to elicit the most job-related information from candidates. Most interviewers also … Read more

Is AI the future of healthcare?

Louise Flintoft associate director at Onyx Health considers the role of artificial intelligence in healthcare going forward, following a report from Health Education England that found 56 new technologies are scheduled for large-scale deployment in the NHS next year. Artificial intelligence (AI) has experienced a post-pandemic boom. But what does this mean for its future … Read more

The Stäubli Robotics Guide to Smart Production: Coming to Automate 2022 in Detroit

A smart e-bike production line in action, autonomous mobile robots and more bring the connected Industry 4.0 environment to life Duncan, South Carolina, April 26, 2022 – Industry 4.0 has arrived, and at Automate, taking place June 6 to 9 at Huntington Place Convention Center in Detroit, MI, attendees will experience its leading edge up … Read more

TV Clip Study Suggest That People Prefer Voice-Only AI Companions Over Human-Like Robots

In a 2013 episode of Black Mirror called “Be Right Back”, a woman interacts with an artificial intelligence based on her dead boyfriend – first by text and voice communication, and then by means of an advanced robot that fully resembles the human that the AI ​​was trained on. Clips from this episode were recently … Read more

Rapyuta Robotics Secures USD 51 Million in Series C Funding Led by Goldman Sachs | Business

TOKYO – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Apr 26, 2022– Rapyuta Robotics, Co., Ltd.a leading developer of collaborative pick-assist robots (Rapyuta PA-AMR), or warehouse robots, and pioneers of Cloud Robotics, today announced USD 51 Million (JPY6.4 billion) in Series C funding led by Goldman Sachs to accelerate the expansion of robotics solutions and artificial intelligence technologies. This … Read more

Robotic Disruption in US Workforce Leads to New Opportunities and Challenges

The US workforce has faced a fair amount of disruption in the past few years. From mass layoffs to the work-from-home revolution and now labor shortages, the employment landscape keeps shifting. Amid all of this change, more companies have started embracing robotics. North American industrial companies ordered a record 29,000 robots in the first nine … Read more

Engineers Meet Industry Demand By Growing Their Robotics & IAS Expertise

For engineers with a traditional background in mechanical, electrical or computer engineering, specializing in IAS can accelerate their career progression and potentially make them more money. Engineers Meet Industry Demand By Growing Their Robotics & IAS Expertise Article from | University of Cincinnati Online From the robots working 24/7 in an Amazon warehouse to drones … Read more

Pricey AI Apps Drive Up Cloud-Computing Spending

Corporate spending on cloud computing is rising at double-digit rates, as chief information officers and other tech leaders adopt advanced capabilities such as artificial intelligence that cost more than run-of-the-mill business applications, new market data shows. On top of the inherent costs of the technologies themselves, typically purchased as subscriptions, many of these applications tend … Read more

Hospital Robots Are Helping Combat a Wave of Nurse Burnout

Since February, the nurses at Mary Washington Hospital in Fredericksburg, Virginia have had an extra assistant on their shifts: Moxi, a nearly six-foot tall robot that ferries medication, supplies, lab samples, and personal items through the halls, from floor to floor. After two years of battling Covid-19 and related burnout, it’s been a welcome relief. … Read more

Robots are in Salt Lake City. And no, they’re not taking your job

This story is part of The Salt Lake Tribune’s ongoing commitment to identifying solutions to Utah’s biggest challenges through the work of the Innovation Lab. [Subscribe to our newsletter here] With a virtual reality headset strapped to her head and controllers clasped to her hands, Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall directed a robot to … Read more