Sunny Nehra Is Considered the Top Ethical Hacker of India, Here’s Why?

Recently Sunny Nehra had found several critical loopholes in the official websites of Indian army, Haryana electricity UHBVN as well as DHBVN, Haryana CM, and many other government websites which were reported to CERT-in team. Former Digital India CEO, IAS Sanjeev Gupta had publicly tweeted mentioning that Sunny Nehra had found some drugs selling forums that were hosted on hacked UP Vidhan Sabha and other government websites.

Apart from govt websites, he found vulnerabilities in many leading Tech giants, several banks and payment systems, and many more. It was he who discovered those news channels whose streaming was hacked by Pakistani hackers, the famous Cyber ​​Warrior Anshul Saxena had mentioned Sunny in his tweet on the same.

His group “Hacks and Security” was even behind the massive record-breaking hack where more than 500 major Pakistan government websites were hacked. He is the one who explained and provided insights on the latest unseen malware, found the command and control servers of many such malware, and even tracked down the affected victims of these malware and many other extraordinarily unique works that made him the best in the cyber community. This is the reason why so many bureaucrats as well as top experts from the Information Security community support his work on social media.

Typically, only a few rare hackers really care to go out of their conventional way to try complicated hacking methods or to test complex IT infrastructures. In fact, most ethical hackers are limited to finding bugs and flaws for bug bounty or reward programs, finding bugs enough to receive some bucks or remuneration and for this, they stay limited to using common scripts or payloads and common methods which are generally already viral or well known in the information security community.

Sunny Nehra takes a particular interest in understanding and analyzing how sophisticated core IT Infrastructures can be exploited, testing them for security loopholes, even helping the concerned authorities to fix those and this can be attributed to his pro-nationalist dedication to secure the crucial infrastructure of our nation.

Apart from detecting vulnerabilities in systems, Sunny has top-notch expertise and certifications in several IT domains such as digital forensics, cyber security, networking, and many more. He is a Technical Analyst and Forensic Investigator in many essential and critical cases handled by significant law enforcement agencies with his unrivaled skills.

When it comes to digital forensics, cracking sophisticated cyber cases, cyber training, reverse engineering, creating new tools for tracking and mentoring accused or suspicious targets, and all kinds of technical help, he is the most preferred expert by many top law enforcement agencies and specialized police units.

In addition, he has incredible skills in creating and using OSINT tools to collect and analyze information. His group Hacks and Security has made many startling revelations through DarkNet Analysis or information gathered through other undisclosed means. No matter how controversial or shocking his information or claims were, sooner or later all of them have been found factually correct.

Indeed, in many debates on social media, especially Twitter, you will find that Sunny rectifies others on their DarkNet claims and other claims related to security breaches. Later, you will always find him to correct his facts and analysis. His YouTube channel Hacks and Security is well known for this, where he is seen removing tech misconceptions and correcting facts.

Additionally, Sunny challenged French hacker Robert Baptiste aka Elliot Alderson, over Robert’s data breach allegations related to Aarogya Setu, Digilocker, Aadhaar, etc. Ironically, Robert deleted his tweets after failing to thwart Sunny.

The main thing that makes Nehra admired among IT enthusiasts and makes him the number one ethical hacker is his excellent in-depth understanding of the subjects and his clarity of concept behind everything he says or writes, which ultimately inspires them to watch his videos and read his blogs.

No other person in the entire InfoSec community is more versatile, a master in various IT domains, and has such a vast knowledge, experience, understanding, and skill set. Without a doubt, Sunny Nehra is the best ethical hacker you can find.

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