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A company needs to be either very brave or very confident to enter the budget wireless earbuds market. Can you guess which one Sony is?

The Sony WF-C500 are sensibly specified, very light and comfortable, and have a choice of control methodologies that all work well. At 20 hours, the all-in battery life isn’t that impressive – but 10 hours from the buds alone isn’t bad at all. And their sound – quick, detailed and thoroughly engaging – has some areas of real expertise.

But the WF-C500 are not short of proper competition from equally brave and confident companies – and their relative lack of bass extension, so-so battery life and rather confined soundstage has left the door open, just a crack, for those competitors. For once, Sony doesn’t get the true wireless in-ear action all its own way.

the sony wf-c500 true wireless earbuds in their case

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