SkyDrive air taxi lands at CES 2022 – but no-one’s allowed to fly in it

The future of personal air travel is so close you can almost touch it – or sit in it. If you happen to be in Las Vegas at CES 2022 you’ll find, nestled in the usually bustling Eureka Park start-up exhibit area, SkyDrive’s Model SD-03 ultra-light, compact flying vehicle. You can, if you like, climb right in.

With its eight horizontal rotors, the SkyDrive vehicle looks more like a giant drone than a flyer capable of carrying a human. It’s small – cramped even. The EV flyer measures just 4 meters by 4 meters by 2 meters tall. That’s right, you will not be standing inside the Model SD-03. In fact, it has room for exactly one occupant. If you ever do fly inside it, you’ll have to be both passenger and pilot. Company representatives told TechRadar that they’re working on a 2-seater Model SD-05.

(Image credit: SkyDrive)

Despite the tiny cabin, it can hoist roughly 1,000 pounds into the air (that includes the air taxi’s own fuselage weight). After a vertical takeoff (something that makes this and other EV air taxis attractive for more densely populated areas and rescue missions), the SkyDrive Model SD-03 can fly at a max cruise speed of between 24- and 31 mph. That’s a decidedly leisurely pace for flight. The company would not comment on if the air taxi includes any sensors for obstacle avoidance.

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