Shifting the oil and gas industry to a digital first mindset

For businesses across the globe digital transformation has epitomized the last decade and has exploded in the last 12 months. Accelerated by the pandemic, we have seen organizations in every sector from retail to manufacturing to public sector, quickly double down on modern cloud and SaaS technologies, and remote or hybrid working in order to maintain business continuity. For many industries including the oil and gas sector, digital transformation is just the first step and now is the time to fully embrace a digital first mindset to deliver digital experience, productivity, efficiency and thrive in a world where digital is a prerequisite. Here’s why.

About the author

John Atkinson is Director of Engineering Solutions, UK & Ireland, at Riverbed Technology.

An industry that is ripe to digitize

Traditionally, the oil and gas industry has been slow to digitize, with Deloitte’s Digital Maturity Index, revealing the industry to score just 1.3. This puts the sector towards the lower end of the index and lagging behind other industry verticals such as retail and financial services. This is largely due to companies being project-focused and safety conscious. As a result, executives have struggled to integrate agile management techniques and new digital services within their company culture.

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