Save $ 250 on Saatva mattresses with this exclusive TechRadar deal

Saatva is one of the most sought-after luxury mattress makers in America, and we have bagged an exclusive TechRadar discount that saves you $ 250 on mattress purchases worth $ 975 or more at Saatva.

With this VIP offer, you could take home a queen size Saatva Classic, the brand’s flagship hybrid model, for $ 1,345 (was $ 1,595), which is a fantastic saving on our pick of the best mattresses in America. You’ll get 180 nights to try it out too. You can learn more about it in out Saatva Classic mattress review.

This exclusive offer saves you an extra $ 50 compared to what other shoppers will get, and it’s $ 50 more than the $ 200 saving we saw from the brand last month. So this $ 250 saving on qualifying orders is definitely the best early Saatva Black Friday deal available right now, and you have until 8 November to take advantage of it.

You can use it on any Saatva model as long as it is priced over $ 975. That covers all of them with the exception of a twin size Classic. If you want the most high-tech Saatva, take a look at the Solaire Adjustable (from $ 1,897 after a $ 250 saving), designed to dish out 50 different levels of firmness on either side (queen size and larger) at the touch of a button .

So should you buy now, or should you wait to see if any bigger Black Friday mattress deals arrive from the brand?

Well, last year Saatva announced a slightly higher discount of $ 275 off its entire mattress range, so with $ 250 off right now, you’re not far off that saving. However, the key difference is in how much Saatva mattresses cost right now compared to how prices might fall closer to Black Friday.

At the time of writing, the Saatva Classic is the most expensive it has been since February, when it temporarily dropped to $ 1,199, and we have been expecting the prices to drop again in time for holiday shopping. However the supply chain issues affecting other industries may mar the world of mattresses too, so all bets are off.

So let’s say this: if you urgently need a new mattress and you are keen on Saatva, or you want to buy now rather than face the holiday rush, this is an excellent saving on a top-rated luxury hybrid mattress that would cost you far more if you were to buy it in store.

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