Russia and Ukraine war: Will it negatively impact Apple’s supply chain?

Russian forces invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24, impelling residents to flee their homes and seek refuge in neighboring countries. The war galvanized nations and conglomerates to take punitive actions against Russia (eg economic sanctions). As such, tech pundits are discussing whether the conflict will exacerbate supply-chain issues.

The chip shortage is already hampering production in the tech industry, but the question is, will Russia and Ukraine war inflame it? Some say that tech companies, including Apple, could face difficulties. Others say there’s nothing to worry about.

How the Russia and Ukraine conflict affects Apple and other tech companies

From AppleInsider’s perspective, Russia’s invasion could negatively affect Apple’s supply chain. After all, Russia is a major exporter of raw materials that are critical to the tech industry, including palladium, a metal used in sensors and memory cards.

iPhone 13 Pro Max (Image credit: Future)

A typical iPhone consists of 0.015 grams of palladium, according to the United States Gold Bureau. On a macro level, more than a third of the US ‘palladium supply is from Russia. It doesn’t stop there. As of December 2020, Apple listed 10 Russia Federation-based refiners and smelters (opens in new tab) in its supply chain. They produce tungsten, tantalum and gold for the Cupertino-based tech giant, which can be found in Apple’s products.

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