‘Robots aren’t going anywhere’: Perth County YouTuber educates public about robotics with fun videos

A Perth County man has engineered his passion into a job – literally.

Dave Niewinski is a YouTuber who alters robots to do different things around the house and shares all of it online.

From finding and blasting weeds in the yard, to grabbing a beer out of the fridge and bringing it to him on the couch, there’s nothing he can’t accomplish with a little help from his robot friends.

His YouTube page, Dave’s Armory, is not just a creative set of videos. It’s also meant to help educate the public and the next generation about the ever-evolving technology of robotics.

His famous last words at the end of each episode – “robots are awesome” – truly summarize Niewinski’s mission.

His page is rapidly growing with nearly 10,000 subscribers after only one year of posting.

“Fifty percent of my time, I’m starting to dedicate to the YouTube channel,” Niewinski said.

The other 50 percent of the time, he is a robotic consultant for local businesses.

“Being a software guy, I bridge the gap between the hardware and what the customer actually wants to do,” he said of his day job.

Now he’s sharing those skills on a larger platform through his YouTube channel

The University of Guelph graduate said each video has roughly two weeks of work behind it.

From his home in Millbank in Perth East, he personalizes each machine to complete each challenge.

In each video, he breaks down exactly how he specifically customizes each robot to do what he wants – from custom welding and metal work, to back massages.

He’s also created Lego and coloring contests that pit his four-year-old daughter against the robots.

Spoiler alert – the results are often close.

All of the bots seen in Niewinski’s videos are loaned to him, thanks to his rolodex within the industry, including companies like Kinova and Kuka.

“I just asked them if they would loan me robots so I could make videos for the internet, and shockingly a lot of them actually said yes,” he said, with a smile.

Now that the YouTube page is gaining more subscribers, he hopes it will one day be his full-time job.

“The long-term ideal goal is, I can wake up every morning, go into my shop and just mess around with robots and make whatever I want,” Niewinski said.

Right now, it’s a part-time job that also means he can spend more time with his family and children who appear in almost all his videos.

In his eyes, the time together is also educational for his kids.

“When they get older, they’re probably going to have to understand a lot of this, almost as well as I do right now,” he said. “It’s nice to be able to give them the exposure to all of this.”

Niewinski is automating his passion into education, not only for his kids, but for the public too.

His hope is that those who already love robotics will be interested, and those who are just learning about it can know robots aren’t “scary.”

“Robots aren’t going anywhere; this technology is going to become more common in everyone’s lives, ”he continued.

Niewinski explained he is always looking for new ideas and robot challenges. He always encourages viewers to share ideas and feedback in the comment section of his videos.

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