Retail Robotics Launches New Delivery Solutions

Retail Robotics is launching new technology solutions for retailers and providers of logistics services, according to a Tuesday (April 5) press release.

“Classic solutions have low capacity and occupy large space, whereas home delivery causes higher traffic in cities and generates air pollution,” said Retail Robotics CEO and Founder Łukasz Nowiński in the release. “With today’s rapid growth of online shopping, many retailers still lack the efficient delivery options in terms of costs, footprint, capacity and consumer experience.”

“Today’s consumers have high expectations for more convenient options allowing them to collect their orders 24/7, safe, fast, easy and for free,” Nowiński added.

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eCommerce sales are projected to reach $ 7.4 trillion globally by 2025 but the current infrastructure is struggling to keep up with the pace of demand, according to the release. Robotic pickup points are expected to become a necessary solution for merchants and shoppers.

For eGrocery retailers, Retail Robotics offers Arctan technology, a click-and-collect robotic solution that helps boost profits and customer experience, the release stated.

“In fact, one Arctan (capacity 202 logistic bins and 28 freezer lockers) replaces 14 classic refrigerated lockers,” according to the release. “Arctan Drive version for eGrocery curbside pickup has a high capacity of 896 logistic bins or more (capacity of 56 classic lockers), can fit eight standard parking spots and serve seven customers at a time. It can be integrated with Micro Fulfillment Center for remote loading, enabling a very efficient process. ”

For package deliveries, Retail Robotics offers the robotic parcel locker PickupHero, which lowers costs for logistic providers by as much as 90%, per release.

“It fits 90% of local stores and gives a top customer experience without the involvement of a salesperson,” the release stated. “The additional advantage for local shops is a 70% pick-up-to-purchase ratio.”



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