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Two-minute review

If you’re not in the UK, you might not be familiar with Pure Electric, but the company makes some of the best electric scooters around (including our current number one choice, the Pure Air Pro). The Pure Flux One is its first electric bike, and is an easy and affordable way to hop around town without breaking a sweat – though there are a few rough edges that will hopefully be smoothed out with future models.

At £ 999 (about $ 1,400 / AU $ 1,900), the Flux One is one of the most affordable commuter e-bikes around. You can find less expensive models on Amazon (many of dubious provenance) but we wouldn’t advise skimping when it comes to a vehicle with a powerful engine that you’ll be riding in traffic. Pure is a well established brand with a track record of good customer service including returns, free safety checks, and regular maintenance at service centers.

The Pure Flux One has a detachable battery pack that’s easily unlocked and removed for charging (Image credit: Future)

Like most city e-bikes, the Flux One is a hybrid with flat handlebars, giving a good balance of comfort and maneuverability in traffic. The riding position is fairly upright, prioritizing visibility rather than speed, and overall it’s one of the most comfortable commuter e-bikes we’ve tested so far.

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