Pudu Robotics Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Coca-Cola Jordan

“Unlike traditional retail services, having intelligent robots serve our customers will go a long way in meeting the expectations of various brands when it comes to more personalized and functional service robots, thereby significantly improving the in-store experience for shoppers,” he said. Felix Zhang, founder and CEO of Pudu Robotics. “In addition, the high-tech robot itself will undoubtedly gain popularity among young audiences who love Coca-Cola beverages.”

BellaBot incorporates multiple technologies, including the automotive-grade independent linkage suspension system, swappable ultra-long-life batteries, and dual Laser SLAM and Visual SLAM positioning and navigation systems. These technologies ensure the robot’s flexibility in obstacle avoidance as well as excellent, error-free performance even in extremely complex and dynamic environments like supermarkets. BellaBot, with its attractive cat-like look and great human-computer interaction, is expected to attract the attention of consumers, particularly youngsters, while circulating around the aisles of retail businesses across Jordan.

“With the global pandemic prevention and control measures becoming standardized and integrated into the day-to-day landscape worldwide, it has become necessary for retailers to adopt a new, no-contact approach with shoppers as the sector shifts to intelligent operations that combine digital mindsets with innovation in merchandising, “added Felix. “The partnership with Coca-Cola Jordan marks the further implementation of Pudu Robotics’ strategy to empower innovation across the retail sector by virtue of multiple cutting-edge technologies, including big data and AI.”

Pudu Robotics has shipped over 600 units of its delivery and reception robot KettyBot to Chinese dairy giant Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy (Group) according to an agreement previously signed between both companies. The robot is being used by Mengniu to promote and hand out its products in supermarkets throughout Chinafacilitating the firm’s shift to a new intelligent retail model where products are transported and stocked by robots from the traditional one where these same actions are handled by humans.

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