Pet tech startup, Hundeo, starts a TikTok challenge to keep dogs out of shelters

10 different tricks specifically curated for TikTok

Users also learn about training important behaviors and nutrition


With the right tools, learning the right and proper behavior is actually a lot simpler to achieve than many dog ​​owners are aware of – and incredibly fun to both do yourself and to watch for others.”

— Enrico Bachmann, Hundeo founder

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 16, 2022 / — As the number of both dogs and dog owners continues to increase around the world, tech startup Hundeo aims to democratize access to expert dog advice and keep more dogs from being sent to shelters with the #DogChallenge.

Starting on September 17, Responsible Dog Ownership Day, Hundeo is making their app content free so that people everywhere can use their dog-training tutorials to take part in the TikTok #HundeoChallenge. Dog parents and creators all over the US will be given access to high quality training lessons, broken down into easily digestible steps, that will test both humans’ and dogs’ skills.

Hundeo’s mission to keep more dogs out of shelters is more important than ever. With the worst of the pandemic behind the nation, “pandemic puppies” that were adopted during isolation are now once again being abandoned at shelters due to the inexperience of pet parents and the high expenses of dog training. By meeting dog owners where they spend the majority of their time, on their phones, Hundeo’s founder and creator is aiming to make teaching good dog behavior easy, fun and accessible.

The app offers easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorials that focus on using different communication methods between pet and pet parent. The more dog owners learn effective ways to show their dogs what they’re asking of them, the more tricks they can learn together, with different trainings ranging in difficulty from easy to hard.

“It’s simply not feasible to offer in-person training to the rapidly growing number of dog parents,” says Hundeo founder Enrico Bachmann, “but the least we can do is give the dogs that help us a fair chance to learn the right and proper behavior.”

“With the right tools, this is actually a lot simpler to achieve than many dog ​​owners are aware of – and incredibly fun to both do yourself and to watch for others, which is why we are excited to have the TikTok community join in and try our new challenge.”

For Enrico, incorporating the #HundeoChallenge and social media into the company’s mission felt like an even greater opportunity to reach more pet parents. By training the different tricks, pet parents can simultaneously share their rewarding successes or funny fails with others on TikTok while spreading basic training tips to those who need it, but don’t know where to look.

Even cat owners have expressed interest in participating in the #HundeoChallenge, hoping to prove that felines are just as capable of learning tricks within the app that range from posing for selfies to closing your fridge door.

The Hundeo app already has more than 150,000 registered users and has just launched in the US.
The team plans to add support for Spanish and other languages ​​soon.

About Dog
Hundeo was founded in Berlin, Germany by Enrico Bachmann. After becoming a dog parent for the first time in 2017, he quickly realized that caring for a puppy and raising a happy and healthy dog ​​was a more complex challenge than he expected. The information he found online was often inconsistent and at times outright wrong – not to mention potentially dangerous to him and his dog, Nacho.

He knew that other dog owners must be experiencing similar struggles, so he began to curate helpful, expertly vetted information on his website with topics around canine training, health and nutrition. Enrico’s website started receiving over 200,000 visitors each month, and he went on to publish four books to further help dog owners. In 2021, he then launched the Hundeo app to help keep more dogs healthy, happy and out of shelters.

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