Hogwarts Legacy will release this year says Warner Bros. in spite of delay rumors

Despite claims to the contrary, Hogwarts Legacy, the Harry Potter action-RPG, is apparently still on track to release at some point in 2022. The official Warner Bros. Brazil Twitter account recently put together a thread of the company‚Äôs upcoming video game releases, which includes Gotham Knights, Multiversus, and Hogwarts Legacy. Not only that, but a … Read more

Best Hacking Tools 2022 | Ethical Hacking Software

What is Ethical Hacking? Today’s surge in cybercrime is emboldened by constantly evolving attack vectors. The motivations behind black hat hackers and their backers pose threats ranging from those with financial motives to national security threats. One way to keep up with these attack vectors is to authorize cybersecurity practitioners to legally bypass an organization’s … Read more

ScII Partners with BOL for Scholarships, Robotics Lab and Joint Research

BANGKOK – FEB 21, 2022 – The Chulalongkorn School of Integrated Innovation (ScII) and Business Online Public Company Limited (BOL) have partnered to collaborate on joint research and business projects, with BOL also providing scholarships and donating equipment to the ScII Robotics Lab. BOL President and CEO Director and Executive Chairman Jack Min Intanate signed … Read more

How to win Wordle every day

In the English language, there are approximately 12,500 five-letter words, which means there are roughly many opportunities to win at Wordle, the wildly popular online word game that’s become a daily obsession for millions of people around the world. It’s so big now that there are app knock-offs that Apple removes whack-a-mole style and even … Read more

Cloud Computing Market Upcoming Trends, Business Growth, Competitors, Company Market Share Analysis

The Cloud Computing Market report covers the entire scenario of the global market including key players, their future campaigns, preferred suppliers, market shares along with historical data and price analysis. It continues to offer key details on changing dynamics to generate market-improving factors. Its goal is to rationalize the company’s costs. You can also find … Read more

Single-Port Robotic System Augments URMC Clinical Expertise, Spurs Innovation and Training

The URMC Department of Urology continues to lead the field of robotic surgery, utilizing the fourth-generation, single-port Intuitive da Vinci SP to provide patients with the most precise surgical option available, and applying surgical simulation expertise to develop training curriculum for this newest robot. technology. URMC is the only institution in upstate New York to … Read more

Tech salaries soar as US, Chinese firms compete for Singapore talent

SINGAPORE – Competition for tech talent in Singapore will continue to heat up this year, with firms raising salary offers as a bargaining chip. Software engineers enjoyed the highest raises among various technical specializations surveyed in a new report by tech talent platform NodeFlair and venture capital firm Quest Ventures, with an average increase of … Read more

Hey Google, Congress needs to do more to rein in the tech industry, not less

Kent Walker, President of Global Affairs and Chief Legal Officer for Google and parent company Alphabet, wrote a long blog post this week that argues that the “anti-tech” bills the US Congress is considering threatening to break important Google services and literally threaten the health of the public. I’m not kidding. There’s a lot to … Read more