NMSU professor testing neuromorphic computing for robotic systems

LAS CRUCES – In his laboratory at New Mexico State University, Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering Assistant Professor Luis Rodolfo Garcia Carrillo is using neuromorphic computing research to advance the future of autonomous systems such as drones, satellites and robots.

A new algorithmic approach that mimics how the human brain relates to the world to provide capabilities closer to human reasoning, neuromorphic computing research can provide low-power solutions to computational problems.

Currently, Garcia Carrillo is working to develop a comprehensive robotic test-bed to support real-time experimental validation of state estimation and control techniques for single and multi-agent robotic systems.

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“My research is devoted to the development of a new class of solutions which depart from conventional approaches,” Garcia Carrillo said. “The goal is to create an end-to-end neuromorphic architecture for perception, state estimation and control of autonomous robotic systems.”

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