[News Zoom-In] ‘Win-win game’ of Public · Private with cloud application model

Applied to administration beyond civil service
Ministry of the Interior and Safety provided 12 types of application models
CSP driven projects, not MSP
Significance of securing a large market in the p

‘Cloud computing service application model’ where private sector providing public cloud service will bring big changes both public and private organizations. In the public sector, the cloud-based work environment is expected to spread rapidly. If more than simple civil service through internet service, such as administrative work uses cloud, it can be a huge turning point for public digitalization. Cloud Service Provider (CSP) will gain growth momentum through securing public sector, which is a big market.

◇ Spread of variety types of cloud in public

It started last year that application model of cloud computing service has been materialized. The Ministry of the Interior and Safety reviewed a publicprivate partnership (PPP) cloud center to secure additional accommodation space needed for public cloud conversion. The name has been confirmed as “Cloud Computing Service Application Model” and was included in the “Notice on Usage Standards and Securing Safety of Cloud Computing Services by Administrative and Public Institutions” revised in March.

Through this, the Ministry of Interior and Safetycan develop a cloud computing application model, and head of each administrative agency can utilize it for suitable task characteristics and security condition to provide e-government service.

Unlike the existing Cloud Security Assurance Program (CSAP), which mainly deals with civil service through the Internet, it is analyzed that internal administrative tasks can also be transferred. Relevant regulations have also been revised. They are already planning to increase the proportion of private cloud use, which was scheduled to be about 46%, in the public cloud conversion project. Consultation with the National Intelligence Service regarding security is still pending.

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◇ Various Models depending on the main provider, such as buildings, infrastructure and others

The Ministry of the Interior and Safety presented 12 application models at the “Briefing session on the pilot project of local governments for cloud computing service application models.” They added that various models are possible in addition to 12 in accordance with the situation of organizations and conditions.

The 12 models are divided into private consignment type, private driven type, private construction type, and private-public shared type, depending on the subject of land · building, facilities · infrastructure, service operation, and service use.

In the private consignment type, land · buildings, facilities · infrastructure are provided by the public (private infrastructure is introduced), service operation is operated by the private sector, and used by a single local government. In the private driven type, only land · buildings are provided by the public, and the rest is provided by the private sector. In the private construction type, all elements are provided by the private sector based on demands of organization.

Internationally, C2S and C2E models of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) are brought up as representative cloud computing services application model. The CIA uses their own cloud model (C2S) constructed by Amazon Web Service (AWS) as a dedicated cloud, AWS, MS, Google, Oracle, and IBM uses multi-cloud. 17 organizations including CIA uses model (C2E) that they pay for the usage.

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◇ Business where CSP becomes the center

The cloud computing service application model is also drawing attention, because the subject of the public cloud conversion business is CSP, not a cloud managed service provider (MSP).

Last year, MSP was the main operator of the public cloud conversion project, and they were proposed multiple CSP and the local government selected them. On the other hand, in the cloud computing service application model, CSP is the main operator and consults with the local government, and the MSP takes charge of the transfer business.

It means that there is a greater possibility that the public cloud conversion project will be conducted as a two-track method with MSP-centered project and a CSP-centered project. The CSP company insisted that the IT service-commercial SW subcontract structure should not be repeated in the cloud market as in the system integration (SI) market.

The Ministry of Interior and Safety will evaluate the appropriateness of the cloud conversion plan and the specificity of the implementation plans submitted by the local government, and select a cloud computing service application model pilot project organization. The project is expected to start between June and December.

By Staff Reporter Ho-cheon An (hcan@etnews.com)


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