Montgomery siblings win 2022 VEX IQ Robotics Alabama State Championship

Building robots for team competition takes time for trial and error. So Abraham Yang, a seventh grader at Baldwin Arts & Academics Magnet School, was glad he didn’t have to juggle schedules with the other students on his team.

The three are siblings, and they all live under the same roof.

“When you’re home, you always get to practice,” Abraham said about competing with his siblings in a robotics competition. “You don’t need to schedule a time. But then, of course, we’re siblings, so sometimes we bicker a little bit, but usually it settles out in the end. ”

Abraham created Team Penguin Robotics last fall with his sister, Johanna Yang, a fourth grader at Forest Avenue Academic Magnet School, and their brother, Elijah Yang, a second grader at Forest Avenue. It was their first season as a team.

And all of their impromptu practices seem to have paid off: Team Penguin won the 2022 VEX IQ Robotics Alabama State Championship at Auburn University’s Beard-Eaves-Memorial Coliseum on Feb. 19.

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