Meeting the security needs of cloud native

New opportunities always come with new challenges. As organizations of every size increasingly move operations to the cloud and benefit from faster code deployment and improved application management, they are being faced with a fresh set of security issues. From malware and misconfiguration to known unpatched vulnerabilities and secret leaks, there are a whole range of cybersecurity challenges to consider.

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Guy Podjarny is Founder at Snyk.

Who considers these challenges is a question that not only individual teams but the wider tech community are asking themselves. While cloud protection has historically been viewed as an issue for security teams, we’re currently witnessing a pivotal shift whereby developers are seen to play a vital role in securing cloud native applications. This evolution of developer responsibility makes perfect sense: why wait for security checks to flag issues once code has been deployed, when you can build in rigorous security measures and checks from the very start.

Cloud native security

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