Loyalty Builders Chooses FirstLight for Managed Services

Albany, NY, April 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – FirstLight, a leading provider of digital infrastructure services to enterprise and carrier customers throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, announced today that Loyalty Builders, Inc. has selected FirstLight for its Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), cloud backup, and managed firewall solutions.

Loyalty Builders serves the retail sector by providing predictive analytics on when customers will buy, the products they are likely to buy and when, and how much they will spend within specific timeframes. The analytics also identify risk of churn, lifetime value, loyalty stage, and other essential metrics to improve sales efficiency and marketing effectiveness. The company’s servers and algorithms that crunch customer data are what Loyalty Builders CEO Peter Moloney calls the “foundation of our business.”

Loyalty Builders has had a longtime relationship with FirstLight for Internet, hosted voice service, and colocation. Last year, they turned to FirstLight seeking customized cloud support. Loyalty Builders used its own servers for several years, and then gradually turned to a large cloud provider for IaaS. However, as the company expanded its IaaS resources, they realized they needed a cloud provider that could offer a higher level of customized customer support and the ability to provide a more hands-on approach.

“Our previous cloud provider offered some support, but it wasn’t customized to the level we needed,” Moloney explained. “We were really looking to foster a relationship with a trusted partner that could help us with complex technical issues and security concerns, which we found in FirstLight. That’s truly FirstLight’s differentiator. ”

FirstLight helped Loyalty Builders with security consulting, managing virtual machines, and ensuring Loyalty Builders meet compliance standards regarding safeguarding their customers’ sensitive information. FirstLight meets with Loyalty Builders on a quarterly basis, and assists with backups, cloud support, and other IaaS issues.

“Entrepreneurs should be able to focus on managing and growing their business rather than managing an IT infrastructure,” said Matthew Jancovic, Chief Revenue Officer. “FirstLight excels at managing the complexities of today’s network and data management needs, along with mitigating the ever-increasing threat of cyberattacks. Savvy entrepreneurs are increasingly turning to FirstLight to assist with the heavy lifting of cloud computing and managed security. ”


About FirstLight Fiber, Inc.

FirstLight, headquartered in Albany, New York, provides fiber-optic data, Internet, data center, cloud, unified communications, and managed services to enterprise and carrier customers throughout the Northeast and mid-Atlantic region. FirstLight connects more than 13,000 locations in service with more than 125,000 locations serviceable by its more than 25,000-road mile network. FirstLight offers a robust suite of advanced telecommunications products featuring a comprehensive portfolio of high bandwidth connectivity solutions including Ethernet, wavelength and dark fiber services as well as dedicated Internet access solutions, data center, cloud and voice services. FirstLight’s clientele includes national cellular providers and wireline carriers and many leading enterprises, spanning high tech manufacturing and research, hospitals and healthcare, banking and financial, secondary education, colleges and universities, and local and state governments.

To learn more about FirstLight, visit www.firstlight.net, or follow the company on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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Maura Mahoney

About Loyalty Builders

Based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Loyalty Builders was founded by Dr. Mark Klein and Dr. David Meeker who combined research at the University of New Hampshire with experience building analytics companies and products. Today Loyalty Builders is a leader in a new breed of automated, service-oriented predictive customer analytics for B2C retail, B2B distribution, and DTC companies. Their mission is to simplify the science of customer targeting, product personalization, sales retention, and loyalty tracking and strategies, and enable marketers and sales teams to allocate resources to achieve the highest returns. Loyalty Builders’ clients make the 1: 1 recommendations and offers that get the attention of individuals, bring customers back, and motivate more buying.



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