Learn to code in Python with 10 highly-rated courses for $ 30

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If you want to land a job in tech, understanding a popular programming language like Python may increase your chances of getting hired. Major organizations like Google, JP Morgan Chase and use Python for web development, data visualization and even machine learning, so adding it to your repertoire could be worthwhile.

The challenging part is learning to code, but expert-led study material could make training easier. One example is the Premium Python Programming Certification Bundle, which offers 10 well-reviewed courses, some of which do not require prior development experience. Plus,.

These classes are led by engineers, full-stack developers and data analysts with decades of combined Python and educational experience. This includes Edouard Renard and, two software professionals who earned an average instructor rating of at least 4.6 out of five for their accessible, step-by-step teaching methods.

The curriculum comprises over 90 hours of material on Python’s many uses. The Complete 2021 Python Course may be a great starting point if you’re new to coding. It covers the language’s fundamentals, such as syntax, string manipulation and handling exceptions. Additionally, mini-projects allow you to gain hands-on experience to prepare you for more advanced programming.

Students with an existing Python background may want to explore new ways to apply the language. For instance, Automatic Stock Trading with Python illustrates how to modify, configure and run a transaction bot autonomously. But if you’re a data scientist, you might benefit from Apache Spark 3: Real-Time Stream Processing Using Python, which explains how to set up this program to design and develop big data projects.

Course list:

  • The Complete 2021 Python Course

  • Python 3: From ZERO to GUI Programming

  • Python Advanced Concepts

  • Practical Python: Learn the Basics of Python 3 Step-by-Step

  • Learn to Code With Python 2021

  • Automatic Stock Trading With Python

  • Python Flow Control

  • Python Basic and Advanced Functions

  • Python Basic and Advanced Data Types

  • Apache Spark 3: Real-Time Stream Processing Using Python

Including Python on your resume may prove valuable, especially as more engineering and data analyst roles open outside of tech. The Premium Python Programming Certification Bundle contains beginner-friendly lessons that can serve as your first step into coding, and or $ 3 per course.

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