Is Apple customer service good? 2022 rating

Apple’s Tech Support used to be legendary and held the top spot in our Tech Support Showdown for several years running. However, kinks in the Apple armor were detected last year when the company dropped to second place. Now, I must whip out my sleuthing cap and brush up on my covert-op skills to find out if Apple resolved the issues that caused it to drop a spot or if things are going even further downhill.

Is Apple Customer Service Good? 2021 Rating

Apple was known for its tech support, and it’s still a unique challenge to stump them or get one of their reps flustered. I know this because I tried my darndest, as I went into full Jason Bourne mode to disarm and deceive everyone I came into contact with. Would I break them with my disoriented newbie middle-aged man who has never owned a computer charm and nonsense? They almost all handled my ignorance with the precise, animatronic reactions and responses that we’ve all come to expect from Apple’s customer service.

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