iPhone SE 2022: Why you should NOT buy it

Ooh! Aah! The new iPhone SE 2022 may have caught your eye as Apple left you awestruck with its razzle-dazzle selling points: better battery life, 5G support, a zippy processor, upgraded camera software and more. But have you ever heard of the expression, “All sizzle and no steak”? Sure, the next-generation SE looks alluring, but how good is it?

We explored this in our iPhone SE 2022 review. To sum it up, I had my suspicions that the third-generation SE device was all smoke and mirrors, and I was proven correct. Don’t get me wrong – the new SE has many praiseworthy specs. For example, not only does its A15 Bionic chip blow every sub- $ 500 phone out of the water, but it slaughters every single flagship handset on the market. That, dear reader, is power beyond your wildest imagination.

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