How to Use Raspberry Pi to Practice and Prevent SQL Injection Attacks

Ethical Hacking is a branch of cybersecurity that involves deliberately attempting to gain access to a computer, network or data. Ethical Hackers are trained specialists that mimic the actions of malicious attackers within the scope of what is legal. Organizations will often hire ethical hackers to attack a specific target they want to test the security of. This is called a Penetration Test. Hackers will attempt to gain access to the target and will then submit a report to the organization detailing the flaws in their security and, most importantly, how they can fix them.

Nowadays, we rely on technology for day-to-day tasks, and more devices are becoming internet enabled. Mobile phones, laptops, smart speakers, cars and even smart washing machines are all potential targets, so ethical hacking is becoming a hugely important career. Ensuring people understand the potential risks around technology and how they can harden the targets is also a key part of the cybersecurity field.

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