How to take a screenshot in Windows 11 – Tips for using Snipping Tool

Remember when taking a screenshot meant print screening a page then pasting it into Paint, cropping it, and saving it as a PNG or JPG. What a chore! Microsoft is simplifying the process in Windows 11 with a new Snipping Tool app. The new tool combines the best features from the previous screenshot apps (more on that below), giving you the ability to quickly take a screenshot with a simple keyboard shortcut, then make edits, write annotations, and save it to your system.

But first, a short lesson in Microsoft’s dizzying app names. The app set to be pre-installed in Windows 11 is called Snipping Tool, which may confuse some users who have been using the “Snip & Sketch” app in Windows 10. What’s going on here? Microsoft is going back to the original name for its screenshot tool after abandoning the old Snipping Tool in favor of Snip & Sketch in 2018. Now both of those Windows 10 tools will be replaced by a new Snipping Tool (Goodbye, Snip & Sketch!) .

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