Gran Turismo 7 license tests are almost impossible to complete

Update: A new update for Gran Turismo 7 has arrived today, March 17, which has solved an issue that was preventing players from beating certain license tests and missions.

Update 1.07 fixes the bug where specified tires would not be equipped for certain events, which would make completing the affected challenges almost impossible. You can find the full list of previously bugged events in the original story below.

The update will come as a relief to those who have had to halt their progress in GT7’s license tests, missions, or circuit experience, as these events should now once again be achievable, providing your driving is up to scratch.

The new patch also introduces a Broadcast Mode option to the Sound Volume settings, which will remove all music tracks that could potentially trigger copyright infringement notices from the game’s BGM playlist, good news if you’re someone who streams GT7 on YouTube or Twitch.

As highlighted on Gran Turismo 7’s website, some known issues still remain, such as issues with the game’s multiplayer lobby, spectator mode, and livery editor, but neither of these could be considered a game-breaking bug, like the problems before.

Original story: A number of Gran Turismo 7’s license tests and missions are currently proving impossible to beat after the game’s latest update introduced a curious new bug that changes the recommended tires.

If you’ve been pulling your hair out trying to get gold in the game’s dirt license challenges – including the one lap time attack S-5 test – it turns out that the last GT7 update incorrectly changed the recommended tires that were previously needed to beat the best times, which has left many players turning to guides online.

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